Mindful IQ  Re-Ignites your Mind

Harness the untapped power of your vision, power and purpose with THORT Workouts, Coach / Tutors, or Courses. Build Agile Resilience and navigate the unique opportunities in our uncertain world. Do it with joy and unique flair! 



A Mindful THORTbot

Control our THORTbot with your Mind!

Boost your mental fitness and  focus while you learn to control our little THORTbot with your thoughts and state. Make it run with attention or move in circles.  Build calmness and personal resilience in a workout.


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Your future is waiting ...

Take steps to make it rewarding and joyful

Today's challenges can offer great rewards but they also call for greater 'vertical development'. Develop insights using Strategic IQ for sustainable thriving in our dynamic times. 


A comment on our work ...

“I was honoured to be part of such an insightful and inspirational day. Thank you and don’t ever lose your faith." 


Vuyo Jack, CEO Empowerdex